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Contract With My Life

A look at how I rewrote this book from my experience and events. I was very fond of writing. I was writing small plays, one-act plays for children, and I was directing their plays. The little ones would perform this play or one-act play at their school, and tell me as if it was nice. I was proud that my writing was good. I used to write stories. I was writing stories about films. Once, the story of “Chatur Dhondya” told by my grandfather was published in the Marathi newspaper “Saamna” in Maharashtra. I was appreciated at home, around my neighbors, and among friends. I wrote the Marathi play “Upashi Warhadi” (Hungry Marriage People) in 1995. Two experiments of the play were performed in the theatres of Shivaji Mandir and Damodar Hall respectively in December 1996 and January 1997 in Mumbai. Apart from two or three actors in this play, everyone was from our own house. The mother of the hero who played the lead role in the play could not be found. My friends requested my wife to play the mother’s role. She happily accepted the responsibility even when my wife was pregnant at that time. I had no words for the art she presented. The play received a spontaneous response from the public. My writing has always been appreciated by people. Then I decided to act through TV channels. At one place, I was photographed with Rs. 3500/-. They were calling hundreds of actors for a role. Seeing that I would not have to do anything here, I gave it up. After that, I decided to do business. But I didn’t know how to do the business. Thinking about it, time was going away, as well as money. Seeing that there was nothing business to do, I finally started looking for a job. Getting a job left me writing, but I was obsessed with doing business. I was working wherever I could because there was no permanent job. One day to work, to leave if I don’t like it. Where to work for one day, somewhere for seven days, and for a month and leave. I may have given interviews in more than hundreds of companies and left many companies. I didn’t get a good job anywhere. My father was looking for a job for me in the government department which he thought would give me a permanent job and start my happy journey. He had also paid many to get me a government job. I did not get a job but we lost money.

On the floor, In January 2007, I finally got a clerk’s job at Wockhardt Hospital, a hospital nurse known to my father. I worked there till August 2007 and I gave up that job. Then on August 24, 2007, I got an again clerk’s job at Hiranandani Hospital on a salary of Rs. 6,000/- pm. I worked there for ten years. But the obsession with doing business did not go through any mind. I finally started my business in June 2012. I started my business as “Nagaonkar Dryfruits”. The business was going well. But they say what kind of business will work straight away. There are problems in the business. One day a trader who made household products, came to my shop. Keep our homemade flour, pickles, and papads in your shop, so that your shop will run in more habitation. We trusted them and started putting their food products in the shop and started to sell them. Good products were coming in the beginning. Then new and old products also started coming in. I informed them about it. So, they said, “Yes, no one pays attention, don’t worry”. But I didn’t agree. In fact, when I was in the shop, I was selling my own goods and making profits for them. I told them, “I don’t want to sell your products”. Then they gave me a lot of bills for old and new products and told me that I had to pay them. I paid them all the money because I didn’t want to sell their products at all. And I felt relieved. Friends, you keep an eye on your business. Don’t make anyone interfere with your business.

In March 2015, the repair work was carried out at my house. Initially, it cost Rs.90,000/- but it increased to Rs.3,75,000/-. Because gradually everything at home increased. I used other deposits, regular savings money, broke jewelry, borrowed from the bank, and importantly, I used all the rolling money in the business for household expenses. I made a house, but the business was in a bad state. Because there was no money left for the rolling. It was a very bad situation. Yet I didn’t leave the business. One day I was going through a difficult stage, and the rent in the shop started to get dry. The owner asked me to empty the shop. I deducted the rent from the deposit and put only Rs.12,000/- in my hand. We shifted to another shop after emptying the previous shop. There was less rent and deposits. I got some support. Neighbors told me that the owner of the shop was not good. Now I have come here, I started working saying that whatever will happen will go. As people said, the owner of the shop used to ask for money any time in the middle. Giving him money was again causing me trouble in the business. After the year ended, he doubled the rent. I agreed to give it because the business was my passion. After the second year, he asked for double the rent again. As I refused to give it, he asked me to empty the shop. My wife and I were working very hard. It was great to talk about our behavior. We were talking very politely to the customers. So, customers used to buy a lot from our shop. The owner was seeing. he felt that we are getting a lot of money. Then they would double the rent. In May 2019, I empty the shop. After leaving the shop, I decided not to take any shop on rent now, but to start an online business. And then I started the online business again from home. I had to leave the shop because I used the entire money for my house. I spent the whole money on the house, which was my big mistake. What finally happened was good, I turned to my writing. In August 2019, I started a digital marketing course at Digital Trainee Institute, which I was sure would help my business grow further. In the course, I learned how to design and design the web. Then I designed my first website as my own business website. I wanted to start some other business with this dry fruits business. After thinking for five to six months, create an ad classified website, which will help other people’s businesses promote their business as well. After this thought came to mind, I designed, the second ads classified website. I came up with an idea while designing the website. I always wanted to write a business book. But the opportunity was not coming. The website connected that opportunity. Twenty-five years later, I started writing again. Wrote the Marathi e-Book ” How to Start and expand Business”. Future businessmen do not know what business to do, how to start, and how to grow it. In this book, I have written my entire experience which will be a great guide to budding professionals. To write this book, the Lord took such a long journey of twenty-five years from me. Finally, I turned to write that I loved. I am sure that my eBook will be very useful to budding professionals.

“Deul Bandh” (Temple Ban) is a Marathi film. Mr. Raghav Shastri is a native Indian in the film but is a permanent resident and scientist in the US. He did not believe in God. He was an atheist. He was angry with Swami Samarth the God, who causes the death of his father. India will get information about the enemy who is preparing to attack India an hour in time through frequency. He came to India for this program only. He completes the work in just five days instead of seven days. But he forgets to enter the password of the Project, and his daughter locks the project by entering the wrong password. Swami Samarth the God takes a long journey from him to get this password and also helps him to find passwords. At last Raghav Shastri got a password and his project was opened. Finally, he was absorbed in the feet of Swami Samarth and apologized to him. Like this story, God took such a long journey of twenty-five years to write this book for me. God gave me the same amount of hard work and events, but he helped me the same. There is no doubt that reading this book will definitely boost the confidence of budding professionals. I have presented everything very well. My experiences of what to do and what not to do will be very useful to budding professionals. I request budding professionals to do business, then be fearless, and succeed.