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Difference between Business and Job.

          More than 80% of people opt for a job as salaries start from day one in the job. Work for thirty days and get paid at the end of the month. Work should be done from 9 am to 5 pm. Sunday holidays, i.e., 48 Sundays of the year, 30 days PL, 7 days CL, 7 days SL & have 12 holidays of the festival every year. At the same time, there is a group Mediclaim of three to five lakhs. They have nothing to do with whether the company is going to make a profit or make a loss. Do not want to promote any product or meet any business person. They do not have to work till late. When the time is up, they should leave. 

          The person working has to pay the monthly expenses at the same salary as he has. House expenses, children’s expenses, school expenses, wife’s favorite expenses, textile expenses, medical expenses, water expenses, electricity expenses, gas, and many more… They have to pay the same from the salary. If they have taken a loan for the house, they have to pay half of the salary as a monthly installment for the next twenty years. Because half the salary is gone in the loan, they cannot do or learn anything of interest because they have to pay to learn. And they avoid them carefully so that they don’t want any more expenses. Therefore, they cannot progress themselves, because they do not get more or enough salaries.  They will get the same salary as they do. If someday there is a work stake, they do not get the salary of that day. Senior officials have to request when they have to take leave. Leave is available only if they gave an advance request letter to the senior otherwise no. At the same time, they have to work as per seniors’ needs. If they don’t work properly, neat & clean, then there may be a problem in the promotion. The given work has to be done ahead of time. Senior officials complain to their officials if they do not work within the given time. There is no constant mistake in work, sometimes there is a possibility of transfer. Sometimes the job is such that you have to work for a while. They have to face one or more such occasions, and no one is going to support him because everyone has their own tasks. Others don’t have time to pay attention to others’ work.                             

           Business is different. Here every businessman is like a clean bird that is hitting the sky. He has no restrictions. He is independent. There is no one to command him. He takes his own decisions. But every day here is different. There is no guarantee that business will happen today as much as it did yesterday. It may be more or less. This depends on the customer’s demand. Also, there is no restriction in the business for a certain number of hours. When the shop opens at 9 am, the shop has to be continued till 9 to 10 pm. No one can say when the customers will come. When the shop opens in the morning, the items have to be decorated as usual in front of the shop. Boards have to be put up. Customers have to discount different offers or items to target. Different customers come to the shop during the day. When every customer is asking different questions, every item has to be properly informed and their questions have to be cleared, everything needs to be kept in mind. The shop is crowded with customers in the morning and evening. Every customer has to be paid attention. Customers have to pay the balance left with the right money again after buying the goods. Stock maintenance has to be maintained every day. Every week, you have to write down how many items are left and how much will have to be ordered. There are no holidays except one holiday for a businessman, only if he is taken. During the festival, the shop has to be continued, on this day the work has to be doubled. On a festival day, the planetary system is twice as crowded, all customers come and stand in front of the shop. They are about to buy the goods as soon as possible and go home. We don’t go on telling customers that they are tired of supplying goods. A smile has to be sown on the face all the time. Sometimes customers get upset, their displeasure has to be removed by putting ice on our heads and sugar in our mouths. Because they are the ones who make us profit. Even if there is a profit, it is his, even if he is at a loss, he has to bear it. Sometimes business takes place and sometimes it does not happen, yet he stands up again with stubbornness, perseverance, and hard work thinking about the future, and continues to do his job. The businessman has to visit ten shops to buy goods in the market. They have to compromise with Wholesale and retail traders on buying goods. Goods have to be bought from the market to his shops. 

           Despite working so hard, he is very enthusiastic and happy in his business. He owns his own business. There is no one to say that you do this or do it. He is the owner of his choice. He thought that he was very tired today, if he wanted to take a vacation, he didn’t have to ask anyone. No one has to be allowed. You do not have to apply for leave. There are no senior officers. They don’t have to be at will. When a business mistake is made, he learns immediately and pledges not to make mistakes again. The first mistake is considered to be the last mistake and he begins to work. No officer has to go and stand up and apologize for making a mistake. He plans and works that way for how much profit we need this month. No matter how much he has taken the loan, he attempts to repay it in three to four years. He tries to buy the shop on his own as soon as possible. After buying his own shop, he tries his best to buy his own house and another shop again. Then, after a few years, he keeps ten people under him and works with them and the world travels on its own.      

           That’s why I am saying friends if you want to move forward in your life, there is no other way to do business. Business teaches you how to move forward by compromising your life, showing you good & bad days.


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