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How to Develop Website ?

Nowadays, some things become very easy, than the previous. In previous, #developing website was very tough because it was making in codding & some people knew about it. But now, it is very easy to develop a website and anybody can develop their own website with the help of WordPress. Not only one, but they can also develop more #websites.

The website requires 3 important things –

1. Hosting

2. Domain

3. Structure

Hosting = Hosting is a server or a place, where you will develop your Website building. Hosting provider as,,,,, & many more…

Domain = Domain is a name of your website like or or or or

Structure = Structure is develop your website with available different kinds of modules.

First, buy hosting from a branded hosting provider with a free domain for 1st year. after buying hosting and decide the Domain name, you have to install WordPress. At the time of installing WordPress, you should know the Login ID & Password. It is very very important because whenever you go to developing your website, you must know the login id & password.

After successfully installing WordPress, first, you should download Themes related to your business. Choose a theme from WordPress templates or download it from the theme provider. Then download all plugins which are coming with the theme.

The theme is coming with the Header & Footer. In the header there is the Logo of your business, different pages Menu, Sign in & Sign up and a search bar with the theme.

In the footer, there is again the Logo of your business, address, e-mail address, telephone number, hot links quick links, and many more…..

Between Header & Footer, you can develop your website as per your requirement. suppose you have a Catering business with different kinds of dishes images, Packages bars, ads by locations, offers & many more…..

You have to take care of your website. Attach #Google Recaptcha 2 & theme security #plugin for safety reasons.

It is very important to update your website from time to time.


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