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How to Stay Fit & Fine for 100 years?

How to Stay Fit & Fine for 100 years?

We see that some people are literally over a hundred years old. How did they take care of their body for so many hundred years? What strength pills did they take, what capsules did they take to stay healthy, what powders did they consume to stay fit and fine? They did none of this. So far, they have been eating only fresh and home-cooked food. We can live as they did for a hundred years, without taking any drugs, powders, or pills. It is very important to follow the rules of some things. Only then can we live a healthy life.

  1. Get up early in the morning

In the past, people would get up at four in the morning and go to work. You too should get up early in the morning. Get in the habit of getting up early in the morning. Getting up early not only makes your work faster and faster but also makes you want to work harder. So, we don’t get tired during the day and we enjoy working harder. Happiness is a powerful injection for your body.

  1. Constantly try to be happy

Some people are very gentle. If something goes wrong in their case, they keep thinking about it for no reason. One after the other. They are so overwhelmed by such unnecessary things that they gradually become discouraged. If something is missing, then why think, and if it is not escaping, then why think. Without thinking, think about what you can do now and get involved. Constant work will take away the bad thoughts that come to your mind forever and you will be happy all the time.

  1. At least walk 4 to 5 k.m. in a day.

At least 4 to 5 k. m. get in the habit of walking in a day. Walking a lot makes your body sweat. So, the unnecessary elements in the blood are expelled out of the body through sweat, so that your blood is purified. In the same way, constant walking keeps our body moving and our body healthy.

  1. Drink at least 5 to 7 liters of water throughout the day

We drink Bisleri’s filtered pure water. Then how to purify your body. You need to drink at least 5 to 7 liters of water throughout the day to cleanse your body. Drinking plenty of water filters your whole body. Some toxins get into your body with food when you eat. Drinking plenty of water flushes out unwanted toxins from your body through urine and purifies your whole body.

  1. Avoid eating outside food constantly

Some people have a habit of constantly eating outside food. External foods are made half-raw and recycled. Due to such food waste, more oil goes into our bodies than required. Constantly getting more oil into your body increases the amount of oil in your blood and then we have to face bigger occasions. E.g., Heart attack, brain-related problems, or other diseases. Eat as much fresh and nutritious food as you can and take care not to damage your heart. Because the heart is an important organ of our body.

  1. Don’t smoke

Some people may have seen you, they have bad breath. We don’t want such people. They are constantly smoking. They are so addicted to gutkha, pan masala, cigarettes, alcohol, charas, and heroin that their body looks very sick and weak due to constant smoking. They are afflicted with various diseases. E.g. cancer, lung disease, breathing difficulties, liver, kidney, and other organs fail. Smoking shortens your life by half. This is the biggest reason for the shortening of life. So don’t smoke, don’t let your body get any disease.

  1. Reduce the amount of oil in your daily diet

Some people have a habit of eating meat and fish all the time. They use so much oil in the fish that if the fish is served in the tray, the oil starts flowing towards the side of the tray. If such oils are constantly ingested in your body, the amount of oil in the blood increases and such a person is more likely to get heart disease. Previously only groundnut oil was available, now chemical oil is available. Therefore, instead of eating meat and fish in your daily diet, use more leafy vegetables, whole grains, and fruits and vegetables. Eat one fruit a day, even if it’s done. Keep the amount of oil in the blood as low as possible to keep it in balance.

In this way, if we keep our daily routine, we can enjoy the joy of living for a hundred years.


Ravindra Nagaonkar


(* This is My experience is presented in this article. Thanks to my daily routine and by the grace of God and the blessings of my parents, I am still fit and fine.)

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