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IT Returns

In our India, lot of people who are doing business for the last more than 20 years. but they didn’t files the ITR. They understand that we have small business & our income is below the exemption limit. we are not eligible for TAX. So why should we file ITR. Weather you are eligible or not, you have to file ITR, After all it helps to you only.

See the people who didn’t file ITR, they are still there for the last 20 years. Because they don’t know the benefit of the file ITR. You are doing business and you file the ITR regular within a due date, and if you want to expand your business, you will require money. At this time Bank will give you loan on the basis of ITR & Net Profit.

Not only you can expand you business, you can also avail a loan to buy Shops, Flats, Commercial property or any other property due to only file ITR.

Every year file ITR, it makes you a responsible Citizen.

You can claim for tax deductions.

You can claim for tax refunds.

You will Avail a loan at every point of time.

You can apply for Credit Card.