How to Raise Capital for Business


6 steps to get Capital for Business 

1. How to raise capital for business?

2. How to create capital easily?

3. How to get capital with low ROI?

4. How to raise capital without any document?

5. How to get capital without liability?

6. How to pay the loan with easy EMI?



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          The fact that you buy this book means that you have a strong desire to do business, the seed of business is slowly germinating in your mind. Our heartiest welcome and heartfelt congratulations on living in this industry. The business said today does not start immediately tomorrow. Perseverance and hard work are required to persevere in business. The mind has to be fully prepared to work hard. If you are determined to do business then don’t look back. You enter the battlefield with the determination to do business, once you enter the battlefield, you learn how to play tricks. This situation teaches you how to play that trick. Once you learn the tricks, believe that success is yours. Once you get involved in business, you forget about getting a job because money is constantly playing in your hands.

          I have written this book based on my nine years of experience and experience. I loved writing. I used to write short plays, one-act plays for children and I was directing their plays. The kids would present this play or one-act play at their school, and tell me when it got better. I’m proud of your writing. I used to write stories. I used to write movie stories. The story “Chatur Dhondya” (Marathi) once told by my grandfather was published in “Saamana” newspaper. I was appreciated at home, around, and among friends. I had written the Marathi play “Upashi Varhadi” in 1995. The play had two performances in December 1996 and January 1997 at Shivaji Mandir, Dadar and Damodar Hall, Parel Mumbai respectively. Except for two or three actors in this play, everyone else was from our house. The mother of the hero who played the lead role in this play could not be found. My friends requested my wife to play the role of mother. Even when my wife was pregnant at the time, she gladly accepted the responsibility. I had no words for the art she presented. The response to this play was overwhelming. People have always appreciated my writing.

          Many new entrepreneurs have a strong desire to do business. But because of lack of capital, their dream remains unfulfilled. This book gives a detailed account of how to raise capital for their business. Therefore, this guide will be very valuable and helpful for new professionals. Let me know in the comments how you like this book and rate my book.


Ravindra Nagaonkar



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