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Top 10 Tips How To Stay Fit and Fine for 100 Years

Many people in these worlds get sick every year. The cause of our illness is ourselves. We change our eating habits every time. We eat a food item available in the market. Some food consumes those foods which are not digested quickly. And then we suffer from indigestion and acidity. Regular consumption has adverse effects on our bodies. Due to the constant consumption of outside foods, even a small amount of toxins is inadvertently ingested along with those foods. From the stomach, they go into the blood, through the blood then they go into the veins, and through the veins, they spread to different parts of the body. If such a substance gets stuck in the veins, it can have serious consequences. And then we fall victim to diseases. We have to make different diagnoses for different ailments. We pay a lot of money to diagnose and treat diseases, many times more than we eat. But if the amount is very small or if you eat such food once or twice a month then you will not fall victim to diseases.

I have always been aware of my health and I have been encouraging others to be aware of their health as well. First of all, I drink a lot of water. Drink five to six liters of water a day. When I wake up in the morning, I drink a liter of water. I always walk four to five kilometers a day. At a distance of one kilometer, even if someone wants to meet or bring things, I deliberately walk and walk. Eats only homemade food every three hours a day. Rarely eats outside food. My daily routine is breakfast in the morning, a simple meal in the afternoon, breakfast with tea in the evening, and a meal at 9 o’clock at night.

I’m not a doctor or science is not my subject. I have worked as a ward clerk at Hiranandani Hospital for ten years. So, I always learned how to take care of my body. In this book, I have given you detailed information about how to take care of your body. We see that some people are literally over a hundred years old. How did he take care of his body for so many hundred years? What strength pills did they take, and what nutrition did they consume to stay fit and fine. They did none of this. So far, they have been eating only fresh and wholesome food at home. We can live as they did for a hundred years, without taking any medicine, powder, nutrition, or pills. It is very important to follow the rules of some things. Only then can we live a healthy life.


We work in our office. Many of your colleagues are working there. We know them. We know our relatives, neighbors, and friends. Because we always meet them, know them intimately. When we meet a new person, we get to know him and try to get to know him. But…

How much we get to know our own body. Only the bones, flesh, blood, and other vital organs in our body, which are in our body, are in everyone’s body. This is the identity of our body. Just as the face of every person in the world is different, so is the body of every person. Although the anatomy is the same, each body is different. Some people take cold water baths even in cold weather. This does not mean that everyone will take a cold-water bath. We need to find out why our body is suffering. whether it would be something from eating, a wrong way to exercise, a wrong way to work, or something else. We need to know why our body suffers. And when you know that thing, avoid that thing so that your body will not be harmed. We will see this from the following example.

My friend Atul had been feeling unwell for the last two days. It was clear from the look on his face. I asked him why. He said he had chest pain. “Do you have trouble breathing while walking, talking, running?” That’s what I asked him. He said no. I thought for a moment and put my hand on his chest. His chest hurts for a different reason, I know. I grabbed his left arm and pushed it back and forth, keeping it parallel to his shoulder. He began to have severe chest pains. He was suffering from chest tightness. We travel by bus. Sometimes you don’t even get to sit down. Then we standstill. We hold the available handles on our heads with our right or left hand so that our body does not move too much at the speed of the vehicle. In this case, if the driver suddenly brakes, we move forward at the same speed. At the same time, your chest muscles become more tense, and then it starts to hurt. That’s why I told him and massage with oil for two days to reduce the pain. He agreed. After two days the pain in his chest gradually subsided. If I had not advised him at the right time, he would have gone to the doctor and would have lost a lot of money.

There are so many types it’s hard to say. But we ignore it. We don’t try to figure out why our body is suffering. So, I say friends, get to know more about your body. This means that we will not have to deal with any illness in the future.

Be careful and stay healthy.


In the past, people used to get up early in the morning before sunrise they start their work. Cleaning the house, sifting the flour with rice on the mill, their daily routine is to water the trees, fetch water from the wells for bathing and drinking, eat rice bread with onion and chilly, carry a plow on their shoulder and go to the field. There was no difference in their daily routine work. Everyone in the house shared their work. In their free time, the women of the house used to cover the soil and the wall with cow dung.

You too should get up early in the morning. Get in the habit of getting up early in the morning. Getting up early not only makes your work faster but also instantaneous. It makes you want to work harder. As a result, you don’t feel tired during the day because you get so much work done and you get so much pleasure out of it. This bliss works to create nectar resuscitation for our bodies. Whether it is housework or office work, we get a lot of free time as the work gets faster. This is the time we should spend helping others. Because sometimes we don’t have enough time to get the job done. That’s when the same people help us. So, we must constantly help others.

Make a to-do list the day before you start to work the next day. Make a list of the most important tasks first. Then write a list of less important tasks. At the end of the day, if you don’t have time today, write a list of tasks that will work tomorrow. Give each task a specific time accordingly. Having a to-do list for today makes us work harder and get our work done ahead of time. We are happier when we get more work done in less time. Because the happiness and experience we get from it are different. We share that experience with other people with great joy and enthusiasm. It also boosts the confidence of the person in front. Because we guide them in the right way.

So, get up early in the morning and get things done.


Some people are very gentle. If anything goes wrong with them, they keep thinking about it for no reason one after another. They are so overwhelmed by such unnecessary things that they gradually become discouraged and begin to think negatively. If something goes wrong with their mind, they will come to their senses. “It simply came to my notice. I knew it would be stolen”. This is because of constant negative thinking. If they had thought positively instead, the item would not have been stolen. If something comes true, the thought of negativity goes deep into their minds. His grip was so strong that he was the only one to think badly and let it happen. If something is being resolved then why think and if it is not being resolved then why think. Instead of thinking negatively, think about what can I do right now to go ahead. The negative thoughts that come to our minds are gone forever because of constant work. Positive Thinking, Positive Thoughts You will get what you want. so, your mind will always be happy.

Sometimes we get a call from the same person we are thinking of. Or the person we are constantly remembering meets us at the market, in the office, on the street, or in the hotel. And then we say in amazement, “I just remembered you today and you met”. Or the same thing we get from a friend, relative, or neighbor that we sincerely want to get. we wonder, how did this happen? It only happens because of positive thinking. Positive Thinking, Positive Thoughts – Finding a way out of a crisis, even strangers come to our aid like God, who we have never met before. Even things that seem impossible are achieved.

Do you remember, India won the World Cup again in 2011? At that time, M. S. Dhoni was the captain of India. India had lost 4 wickets for 42 overs to accumulate 221 runs. And needed 52 more runs off 48 balls. There was no tension about runs or balls but the batsmen were important. Only Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh were playing on the field. Because there was no one playing behind. The match was very tense. If India had taken one wicket, they would have lost the match. Both the batsmen were playing with the aim of winning the matching step by step. As their legs got stronger on the pitch, they were moving forward and their confidence was also increasing. In the end, they won the World Cup without losing a single wicket. At that time, if these two batsmen had thought that they would lose now, we could not win this match. Then India would not have won the World Cup today. This is possible only because of positive thinking.


Even today we see people in their 80’s and 90’s running in marathons. Even though their run is slow, they are role models for the world. Their goal is not to win, the goal is to build the confidence of others by running in this marathon and staying fit and fine. We must learn from them how to live a happy life. Even at this age, they run, as if to say that God is gracious to them. Even if they don’t win this marathon, their determination to keep up with the world will not go unnoticed by the youth. Although there are more young congregations participating in this marathon, there are also older congregations. “We are still young, so we don’t need to take part in marathons”, this is their misconception. But the older congregation runs marathons, focusing more on how to keep their bodies fit.

Marathons are held once or twice a year, so it is a mistake to assume that just running a marathon will keep us fit and fine throughout the year. Even if the marathon is once or twice a year, our marathon should be done daily. We need to practice walking every day, at least 2 to 3 km a day. You have to practice walking. Walking a lot benefits our body. Sweating comes out of our bodies as we walk constantly. Excessive sweating of our body means filtering of your body. Excessive sweating of the body causes unnecessary and toxic substances in the blood to be expelled out of the body through sweat. It purifies our blood. Most people do not run or walk, so their body does not sweat. They drive to fetch vegetables or cereals from the market. Having a car makes it difficult for them to walk. Also, some people have a habit of eating out constantly. Some toxins enter their body through these foods. Sweating does not occur because they sit in an air-conditioned office all day. Toxins in the blood also stay in their blood due to a lack of sweat from the body. After a while, their body begins to get sick. They are afflicted with various diseases. If they had taken care of their body in time, they would not be sick today.

So, running keeps your body moving and your body stays healthy as sweat is released from your body.




In the rainy season, rivers and streams are clean away by the flow of water. In the river, the waste material is carried away with the flow of water. And then we see clean, pure, and flowing water. This river and streams were cleansed by the flow of water, but our body is also the same. We clean our bodies from the outside. If our hands and feet get dirty, we clean them with water. If not, we clean them with soap. But we remove the dirt from our bodies. We get rid of the dirt outside the body, but how do we get rid of the dirt inside the body?

Everybody thinks that They should get filtered pure water to drink. Then our body also needs to be cleansed, right? We clean our body from the outside, as do we cleanse our body from the inside? How do we take care to keep our bodies clean? Do we even think that our bodies should be clean inside? Some are not even aware of it. So how to clean this body from the inside? In modern times many people have a habit of eating out. This food is sometimes fresh and sometimes contaminated. We throw away contaminated food in our homes but in hotels, the same food is reused. Often this food contains more oil than necessary. When such contaminated food and excess oil enter our body, it will affect our body somewhere.

It is important to get rid of all the dirt in your body so that we do not get any disease or disorder. The only way to cleanse our bodies is to drink at least 4 to 5 liters of water a day. Constant drinking of water not only purifies our whole body but also flushes out the unnecessary and toxic substances in the veins. Drinking plenty of water filters our whole body. So, we are always happy. Always drinking water makes our face look radiant and beautiful. It also reduces the appearance of wrinkles on our faces.


It is said, “Eat an apple every day and stay away from doctors.” Fresh fruit is a great option for breakfast or dessert. Most fruits are sweet to eat and are ready to be eaten with the blessings and grace of nature. They are great to eat without cooking or boiling. Eat an apple, a peach, or a banana and just enjoy eating. Make sure fresh fruit is always available at home.

Eating more fresh fruit always helps to avoid processed or cooked food. Fruits are a gift of nature. No one makes them or makes them in the factory. The closer to nature, we will get better our health. Fruits and vegetables are naturally low in fat and calories. And these contain important nutrients that your children need for growth. Fruits and vegetables protect you from diseases. Children and adults should make it a habit to include more fruits and vegetables in their daily diet. Everybody knows it very well.

Eating fruit every day reduces the risk of many diseases in our bodies. A 2003 study found that regular consumption of fruits and vegetables reduced the risk of heart disease. This is definitely a huge benefit, which helps all of us. The Harvard School of Public Health also found that eating fruit and vegetables reduced the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Fruits help control our blood pressure. It can help reduce the risk of certain cancers and many other ailments. Preliminary studies have also found that fresh fruit and vegetables can help prevent certain eye diseases and dementia.

We should eat fresh fruits and vegetables regularly. Sometimes the nutrient needs of our body are not met by food. Its fulfillment comes from the fruits and vegetables themselves. Eating more fruit and vegetables we get Vitamin C and Vitamin D is a great way to improve our overall health and reduce our risk of disease. Fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals and are high in fiber. Eating more fruits and vegetables reduces a person’s risk of heart disease, cancer, inflammation, and diabetes. Citrus fruits and berries can be especially powerful in preventing disease.

After all, the most important thing is to eat more fruits and vegetables and live a long and healthy life and reduce disease.




Top executives working in large companies, students living in hostels, or executives who have moved to another city, love to eat out. When such people eat in any type of restaurant, they consume more fat, cholesterol, sodium, and calories than at home. They don’t make good food in a roadside hotel as compared to a three or five-star hotel. The day before, the remaining stale vegetables are cooked two to three times in boiling oil. The same stale food serves to feed consumers in their trays. Onions, potatoes, and leafy vegetables are not good. Because they want to make more money by buying more vegetables for less money. In many places, literally rotten onions, potatoes, or vegetables are used to make food. Needless to say, if you eat such vegetables, the consequences will be new. Also, the oil used to make vegetables is not of good quality. The oil which is used in Three or Five-star hotels is bought by the small hotel’s owners from them and is widely used for making food in their hotels. Eating such contaminated food can lead to various diseases. Your stomach hurts. Indigestion suffers. Suffers from acidity. Stomach ache. The pain of this acidity increases to such an extent that it literally hurts our hearts. We get scared. We have difficulty breathing and can’t breathe completely. Then we have to go to the doctor. Doctors perform various tests to diagnose exactly what the problem is? It costs a lot of money to do this test. All the tests have to be done so that there is no doubt in the mind. We have to pay ten times as much to diagnose the disease as our hotel bill is not. And we have to give it. After doing all the tests, we come to the conclusion that the level of oil in our blood has increased or we are suffering from heart disease or diabetes. After being diagnosed we have to constantly visit the doctors and take medicine begins till we live.

Outside foods are made half-crude and recycled. Eating such foods causes your body to absorb more oil than it needs. Constantly getting more oil into your body increases the amount of oil in your blood and then you have to face bigger situations. e.g., Heart, brain, kidney, or other major diseases. Sometimes we need to under surgeries. So, eat as much fresh and healthy food as you can and be careful not to injure the vital organs of your body. Because every organ in our body is very important and valuable.

Take care and live healthily.


Once my friend invited me to his house for lunch. I went to his house. It was Sunday so the chicken was planned. I sat down to eat with his family. They started growing chicken in each tray. The oil added along with the chicken was flowing towards the side of the plate. I was surprised to see that oil flowing. How can they use such a large amount of oil in their meals? I didn’t want to eat because of the oil. So that my friend would not feel bad, I just put the oil aside and finished the meal. I asked my friend after lunch on one side, “Do you always use so much oil in your meals?” He answered, “Yes.” I wondered how they could use so much oil in their meals. I told my friend not to use so much oil in the meal and also the side effects.

Some people have a habit of eating meat and fish all the time. They use so much oil in the fish for frying that if the fish grows in the tray, we can see that there is a lot of oil in the tray. If such oils continue to enter our body, then the amount of oil in the blood increases. The arteries in our body are fragile. The oil mixed in the blood circulates in all the arteries. In some places, the circumference of the arteries is too low. If oil continues to flow along with the blood in such arteries, the circumference of the arteries gradually becomes narrower over time. Since the oil is not carried with the blood, it gets stuck there. There is so much oil stored over there. After a while, the artery closes slowly. This is what we call “blockage”. Its action mostly occurs in the heart. Such a person is more likely to have heart disease. Previously, only groundnut oil was available, which was also natural. But now we get chemical oil. Therefore, instead of consuming more meat and fish in our daily diet, use more leafy vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. Eat one fruit a day, even if it’s a banana. We have to eat low-oil food to keep the amount of oil balanced in the blood as low as possible. Drink plenty of water and live a healthy life.


Many officers were working in government or private sector companies. After lunch, some officers have a habit to eat fruit, some have drinking juices and some have cigarette addiction. An unmarried boy in the same office used to smoke cigars in a very different style and that style was very much liked by a girl. She fell in love with him because of that style only. A few days later they got married. The first night, when she approached him, she felt dizzy by the stench coming from his mouth. She regretted marrying him. Imagine for a second how our bodies got suffered.

Some people have cigars in their mouths all the time. Their mouths are so foul that we can’t stand near them. We don’t want such people. They are constantly smoking. They are so addicted to cigarettes, and alcohol, that their body seems to be very sick and weak due to constant smoking. They are afflicted with various diseases. e.g., Cancer, lung, disease, or heart disease. This makes it difficult for them to breathe. Continuous smoking causes damage to the lungs, liver, kidneys, heart, and other important organs. Smoking shortens their half-lives. This is one of the biggest reasons for the loss of life in this beautiful world. So don’t smoke, don’t let your body get sick.

Stay away from smoking, and always eat healthy and fresh food. Eat fruits which are available in every season. Always exercise for at least half an hour. Get in the habit of walking constantly. Drink at least 4 to 5 liters of water. Avoid eating street food if possible. In this way, if we keep our daily routine, we can enjoy the joy of living for a hundred years.

This information is very useful, please share it with your family members, relatives, friends, and neighbors.

  1. Examine Our Body Every Six Months.

    People in their fifties also look very handsome and beautiful as they check their bodies every six months. They should not injure any of the vital organs in their body, so they take great care of their body. Seeing that there is no harm to their body, they live a very happy and energetic life. They want to live a happy life.

There are many health check-up centers available in the market today. There are different types of health check packages available. Full body examination, blood test, X-ray, CT scan, and MRI are also available. You should see your family doctor first and get your body examined according to their opinion. Show your healthcare report to your doctor and take the medication as directed and prescribed. And keep your body away from the disease.